Bank Accounts

With Unique IBAN

Apply today to set up your own corporate account with its unique IBAN so you can start managing your finances with a number of benefits.

Online Management of your Finances

Enhance your Online presence and global reach whilst using MTROPAY for your finances.

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Pay Partners, Staff and Expenses in their local currency

Avoid hidden transaction -and conversion costs, and manage your multi-currency payments through our specifically designed platform.

Send and Receive Secure Payments

Process funds in any Local currency. Swiftly and safely.

Our Multi-currency accounts and paired-currency conversion technology allows you to store funds from your international clients in their own currency, and convert them to any currency of your choice when the time is right.

Offer wide payout options to your Affiliates, Clients and suppliers by enabling them to use their own local currency. Guaranteed reduced transition time and Conversion costs. All through our unique and secure accounts.

Follow these three simple steps to get you started as soon as possible.


Follow the simple registration Guide by Pressing ‘APPLY NOW’ on our home screen.


Provide us with the necessary documentation to verify your Identity.


Deposit and start managing your finances through our Online Banking Platform.

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